Destiny in the Mist (Morrowvian Chronicles Book One)

Destiny is inescapable...

Claire Hawke, brilliant, curious witch-turned-librarian, spends her days cloistered with a host of books and the handsome friend who has captured her heart. Although gifted with magic, she knows nothing of her full potential. Then her eighteenth birthday lands her in mist-shrouded Morrowville, facing lessons of magical heritage, treachery, heartbreak, and a formidable destiny she must embrace for the welfare of her people. As Claire prepares for eternity on the Throne of Light, the Serpent King, a descendant of the Fallen, plots to harness her power and seize the throne.

Aware of Claire's legacy, Zander Horn draws her close in friendship. Perhaps too close. A binary star in human guise, he's sworn to protect her even if it means sacrificing his affection for her. Unfortunately, a past decision to oust his dark side now threatens the fulfillment of his sacred oath as well as the survival of his own world.

To secure the throne and protect untold lives from a reign of tyranny certain to spread beyond the borders of her world, Claire must bind the Serpent King and heal the rift weakening Zander, the celestial knight she has come to love.


Danger in the Mist (Morrowvian Chronicles Book Two)

Danger takes many forms...

Beautiful but deadly, Princess Rhaina of the Nefahren Elves possesses a fierce heart and ruthless intent. Serving as the bound assassin for the Daelani Fae in exchange for her brother’s life, she faces the eventual destruction of her soul unless she can gain her freedom without plunging her people into war. Falling in love is the last thing on her half-human mind.

Ambassador Endarian of House Hoarnstar is aware of the Daelani penchant for promoting a dark agenda with little regard for the welfare of other races. Driven by knowledge obtained through Vision, he is determined to quell civil unrest and liberate Rhaina, the fearless creature with a grip on his heart.

When Rhaina and Endarian learn of the Daelani plot to free the Serpent King, a descendant of the Fallen imprisoned years ago, they must risk everything to ensure the plan fails, even if it means sacrificing their own lives.

(In progress)

Deception in the Mist (Morrowvian Chronicles Book Three)

Coming Soon.

Endara of House Hoarnstar is proving to be a rather tempestuous young star-witch. Looks like she might be everything her twin brother, Ambassador Endarian, is not. I’ll be able to include a blurb here when she finally settles down and gets her story straight.

Celestial Blood (Blood Angels Book One)

Recently divorced, Reiki Master Elizabeth Freeman can't seem to escape the shadow cast by her ex-husband and his terrible secret to move on with her life. She can channel vital energy required to assist her clients but can’t quicken healing within herself. Then, without realizing it, she summons one of the Blood Angels to her side, a natural-born vampire belonging to an elite council of blood-born ordained by God to dispense divine justice. The love that develops between them heals Elizabeth's heart but at the risk of provoking the wrath of Heaven.

(Undergoing extensive rewrites. Blurb will change.)